Thursday, 14 April 2016

Author's Résumé Materials for Pastoral Ministry

    James M. Leonard

    Pastoral Ministry

    Résumé Materials

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    Sermon recordings. These are more or less arbitrarily chosen, mostly recent. Most of my sermons are about 25 minutes in length.
    1. Detailed résumé, with my statement of faith (Doctrinal Statement): Résumé
    2. Powerpoint presentation of an overview of my ministry.
    3. Bulletin Order of Service
    4. Pastor's Detailed Order of Service for the Mar 6 service of Commissioning of Ministry Board Members (attached).
    5. Blog article on Baptist theology and worship
    6. Powerpoint presentation: Introduction Biblical Exegesis:!4606&authkey=!AC8xtwoV6H8pBvg&ithint=file%2cpptx This is a college level introduction which can be adapted either for church members or for graduate level teaching, when the actual lecture accompanies it; it is not a stand-alone presentation.
    7. Bulletin insert on my sermon series on Lament Psalms (Lenten Series).

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