Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Hymn of Invitation--Worship Appropriate for Those who Profess to Worship Christ

The Hymn of Invitation typical follows a sermon in Baptist churches. Because of their commitment to a “believers’ church,” Baptists emphasize personal conversion and public profession of faith. They preach persuasively to this end, and have an expectation that their hearers will respond accordingly. During the invitation, Baptists are committed to praying fervently, asking God’s Spirit to speak to non-believers or wayward members, and that anyone under such conviction would come forward for public profession of faith or for prayer.

The hymn of invitation is designed to facilitate all of this. Baptist worship leaders will take care to choose hymns that might feature an invitational aspect (Billy Graham’s go-to hymn of invitation was “JUST AS I AM,” but there are many others, such as JESUS CALLS US). Worship leaders, however, may well opt to choose a hymn that underscores an aspect of the message of the sermon.

In any case, the hymn tune should normally reflect the somber significance of this portion of worship. All God’s people sing the hymn of invitation with great sobriety, while fervently praying for unbelievers in their midst, or for their wayward brothers and sisters in the congregation, all the while as sinners struggle under the Spirit’s convicting power. The hymn of invitation need not (and should not) be laden with manipulative affects, nor should exhibit a sense of excessive celebration.

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