Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sanctity of Life Sunday Prayer

O wise God and heavenly Father,
We praise you for your love and watchcare over us, and for granting us life with abundant blessings. Thank you for calling us to care for one another and to safeguard the weakest and most vulnerable among us. We thank you for granting us the joyful miracle of birth and new life, for our newborn children and grandchildren, and nieces and nephews. May we never cease to be amazed by the gift of children—every one of whom is made in your image, each endowed with measureless worth and the right to life, deserving of extraordinary nurture and protection.
Yet, Father, we mournfully confess that Satan has cast a great delusion on our society today, so that unborn children are so often viewed as commodities or even as liabilities to be dispensed with or discarded as inconvenient chattel or a bad real estate investment. Our hearts tremble and lurch at the thought of the loss of even one of these most innocent babies at the hand of the abortionist, let alone millions of them.
So, Father, we pray with great earnestness that you would clear the fog of delusion that has made our society so callous and ungrateful for the gift of new life so that, regardless of circumstance, each baby will be welcomed to this world with joy and tender hearts. Make us effective in winning the political and public relations battles necessary to end abortion.
Restore to our society the common sense of traditional sexual ethics, where sex is enjoyed within the security of marriage, so that a child grows up with the benefit of having both father and mother. And in extraordinary circumstances, we pray special grace upon those who must raise children without the benefit of the two-parent traditional family. Help grandparents, foster parents, and all those who step up to fill in the gap as necessary.
We pray also for the thousands of volunteers and workers at our Crisis Pregnancy Centers who so selflessly give of themselves to care for newborns rescued from the threat of abortion. May we eagerly support those mothers (and fathers) who bravely ignore the tainted and tattered wisdom of this decadent world, and choose life. Call workers from our own congregation to be channels of blessing to them and to their newborns. May we put our muscle and money where our mouth is.
Now Lord, there is much prayer and work that needs to be done. May we not forget the urgency of our calling, but remind us daily that we serve your kingdom. We ask these things in the precious name of Jesus who loves the little children—all the children of the world. Amen.

Artwork by Sara C. Leonard

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