Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Your baptism videos

I'm attempting to put together a collection of good videos of believers' baptism. For example, here's one:


I like this one for various reasons: 1) the baptisms were in a Baptist congregation; 2) the baptisms were done publicly--at a public beach; 3) there were testimonies involved which were concise but meaningful; 4) the video was underscored with music; 5) there were multiple baptisms involved in this service; 6) the video itself is a pretty good production.

There's nothing more celebrative than believers' baptism. One of the best arguments for believers' baptism (as opposed to infant baptism) is to simply practice it and let people see it for themselves. Just watching these baptisms in the above link makes me want to shout "Amen" despite the fact that I don't even know these new brothers and sisters in Christ! To this end, I hope to put together a collection of great baptism videos to help non-baptists understand the true meaning and true joy of believers' baptism.

Feel free to leave your link in the comment section.


The Seeking Disciple said...

Here is a baptism from the Brownsville revival. Regardless of what people think of the revival itself, this is a good picture of believer's baptism.


Rev. James M. Leonard said...

Thanks so much, Seeking Disciple. Great video. Sorry to be so slow to see your post.

Jim Leonard

Pam @ Beyond The Red Door said...

That video was very touching. Of course I cried. I love when the people were able to give a testimony prior to their baptism. I wish we could have done that when I was baptized at First Dayton. Of course, I was only 9 - wouldn't have had much to say. Anyway, thank you for sharing it. It touched me and I rejoiced in my Spirit as I watched them fulfill the scriptures to follow Jesus' example in baptism.